Friday, January 8, 2010


I am so glad the U of A has bragging rights. I'm glad Nick Saban showed that he was worth that huge contract he got (enjoy your $400,000 bonus Nick). I am glad Texas' rookie QB got to play so much (big grin). Honestly, the game may have had a much different outcome had the starter QB not been injured. But Alabama did work hard & they deserve it.

Another un-snow day out for us. The concern today was the stuff that did fall & melted turned to icy patches in the teen degree weather. I feel for our superintendent. He delayed schools but was getting flack because all of the other schools in our area were closing. He finally made that call too. His announcement for today was "we will do as the other schools in our area are doing - no school Friday".

Well, it was really, really cold out & I didn't venture out in it. So no new photo today. However, I did work on a couple for my mom. I took pictures of each grandkid (except Carmon, my oldest) beside the Christmas tree. I had processed the one of my niece but, of course, she's wanting them all. So today, I worked on my nephews. His was a pain. Well, really, they all will be because mom's tree was next to an outward corner and it's right over their heads and I'm trying to edit it out. Just doesn't look right w/ it in. So anyway, 8/365 is my nephew's Christmas photo...I'm afraid his face is too glowy?

logan christmas tree 5x7 copy

And here's the one of my niece...

The girl & the tree

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