Tuesday, January 19, 2010

19/365 Ladybug Handstand

A few years ago, someone (not sure if it was our state's agricultural dept or if it was a regional thing) decided that it would be a good idea to unleash these ladybug looking beetles to curb the aphid infestation that affects our crops. What these people didn't think about was what these bugs would do in the winter. Apparently, they are not well suited to the cold so they migrate indoors. Yep, inside the house. Beginning in October or November, they start making their way in. So far, the best remedy I've found is a vacuum cleaner. Suck 'em up & let 'em go. Luckily, as winter goes on, there are not as many to deal with but you'll still find the odd one here & there. I found this one today on my door. I watched her for a bit, thinking I'd grab a photo for my 365 when she did this little acrobatic move.(Yes, she. Even though they're not technically ladybugs, they still resemble them enough that that's how I think of them). I know I totally missed focus but I still had to include it.

19/365 ladybug handstand

For the "in the garden" portion, I have a photo of my dead basil from the herb garden.

19/365 Basil

Even if you fall down face first, you've gone forward.


  1. How cool to have a performing ladybug ;)

  2. What lens are you using for these??!! I LOVE THEM!!


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