Sunday, January 10, 2010

Movie Day - 10/365

It's Sunday and that means a new theme. One group I'm on has chosen crying/sadness and the other group has chosen sun. Neither sounds too easy. *L*

It's cold today. Upper 20's for the high temp. It's one of those days that you lay around and do nothing. The kids had movies they'd received as Christmas gifts so we made a movie day out of it. I'll have to admit, I spent a lot of time on the computer & didn't pay close attention to the movies but both seemed good & I will sit and watch them when I'm able to concentrate on them (after taxes!).

9/365 Movie Day

And afterwards, we took off to Logan's for supper. DH ordered his steak well-done. After a fiasco at another restaurant (both of our steaks came back med-rare & we'd both ordered med-well) he's vowed that well done is all he'll order. Well, this steak MOO'd when he cut into it! He called our server over and showed him, and he rushed to get another one cooked. They also kicked in a few cheesecakes too. Yea! So I guess this one could be "sad that the little buckets are empty". *L*


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