Wednesday, January 6, 2010


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I mentioned today's res. yesterday. I want to get a website up & running. I was hoping to get it started during the Christmas holiday but, it didn't happen. Now, I'm consumed w/ tax stuff so it's not happening now either. Hopefully, before spring though!

I've worked for the past 6 years as a substitute teacher & an instructional aide at my youngest son's elementary school. During the fall of 08, there were rumors of cut backs. My husband had been encouraging me for the past couple of years to at least attempt an online business and the rumors were the final push I needed. I did get to finish up the 08-09 school year but my funding was cut and I wasn't asked back this past fall.

I've been selling on ebay seriously since Sept. 08. I'd been worried about sales after the economy got so bad last year but we've been so blessed. In fact, about 6 months ago, I reached Power Seller status and the business is continuing to grow. Sometimes I get overwhelmed. I have no business experience so it's been, and continues to be, such a learning process but I'm proud of what we've accomplished thus far. To begin with, the website will just link back to my items at ebay. I have a lot of studying to do to figure out how to get a shopping cart set up as well as figuring out the best way(s) to process payments.

So, I'm cheating a bit today. No photo but I'm posting the logo I've created. To be seen at the top of a website near the near future!:)

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