Friday, December 31, 2010

ABC's of 2010

A - Anxiety – This has been quite a roller coaster year for us. Things would be going really well then it would seem the bottom would drop out. In hindsight though, all was not as bad as it seemed at the time.

B – Business – Our online cutlery business caused a bit of the aforementioned anxiety. We had a strong Jan. & Feb. Then 5-10 orders a day dropped to 3-5 orders a week. THEN, it went down to 1 or 2 orders a week. We began to see things get better in August and steadily improve since then. Here’s hoping for a prosperous 2011.

The oldestC – Carmon, aka the Eldest. He fully recovered from his accident last fall. He got a promotion in Feb. and moved to a new store. Things didn’t work out too well for him…management promised things and didn’t deliver so he parted ways with them. He’s hoping to start a new job next week. He completed the interview process today. Oh, and he’s engaged! So hoping he can get his act together before he takes that leap!

D – Dad – My dad has had an educational year. He has macular degeneration and is legally blind. His ophthalmologist suggested he begin braille lessons, which he has started. He’s also received some rather cool equipment to help make his life easier. It’s so cool to see him get excited over his new gadgets.

E – Egg – Kaleb was Scramble, the egg mascot for the Chicken&Egg Festival this year. He has had a blast “performing” for the crowd & loves his new celebrity status.

F – Flowers & Herbs – I planted a really large flower bed (that didn’t do so hot) and an herb garden (that flourished). My favorite crop from both ventures was the butterflies. We got hands on experience watching caterpillars become amazingly beautiful butterflies.

G – Garden – We also had a veggie garden. Not nearly as large as in years past but we had plenty of tomatoes, cukes & summer squash.

H – House – Our house got a new roof & a new paint job. We still need to do the trim. That’ll be a nice spring project for us to tackle.

I – Intern – Nathan served as an intern for one of our local TV stations early this year and was one of the student reporters for the Chicken&Egg Festival. It was an awesome experience for him.
J – Jogging – We bought a treadmill this year and Kaleb & I have made attempts at starting an exercise routine. No real weight loss for either of us but I can tell we’re both in better shape.

kaleb sepiaK – Kaleb – He graduated from elementary school and is now a high schooler (middle school actually but it’s all housed in the same buildings) and a teenager! He’s enjoying his new independence and I’m so impressed w/ what a pleasant young man he is becoming.

L – Loss – We lost our pony, Pearlie, this summer. It was quite like losing a family member. She was almost 19 yrs. old so she had a long, happy life.

M – Mom – My mom fell on Valentine’s Day and broke her shoulder. Had to have the ball portion replaced and after a few months of therapy, is doing well.

nathan wall webN – Nathan – The middling graduated from high school and is now attending a nearby jr. college. He moved out after high school, to my dismay (I still cry when I think about it) but moved back home a couple of months ago. He’s had some job woes too, but had a final interview for a local bank yesterday and should receive word today.

O – Oreos and Dr. Pepper – Two things I indulged in far too often.

P – Photography – I’ve put in a lot of work on my ‘picture takin’ this year and I see improvement! I entered 2 photography contests and placed in both. HUGE confidence builder.

Q – Quiet – Too much of this at our house the past few months. Sometimes it’s nice but when it goes on for days (because too many birds have flown the nest), it gets lonesome.

R – Retired – I decided not to return to subbing this fall. I sometimes regret the decision and I may end up going back but am hopeful that between the cutlery biz & photography, I’ll become too busy to miss it….much.

S – Summer – We didn’t go on any trips or anything this summer but I’d have to say it was one of the best. I had to get out of my depression and Kaleb was my medicine. We rode our bikes together every day, we worked out together, we watched a meteor shower and we became very close. We’ve always been close but the closer he got to 13, the more private he became. I’m loving our new relationship.

1/365T – Three sixty five. I attempted a Project 365 this year. I made it to November and then quit. I’m terribly upset w/ myself but am planning to try again. I learned SO much by doing the project. I hope it has the same affect next year.

U – Us…my hubby and I celebrated our 23rd anniversary this year. Love him so much!

V – Vaccine – my first year without a flu shot in a long while. Fingers crossed that I don’t regret it!

W – White Christmas – What we awoke to Christmas morning! My sweetie drove me around so I could get photos!
christmas morning

X – Xcited! What I was when I received my prizes for an Enya contest early this year!

Y – 43 Years. How old I am. I used to feel way younger than my age. This year, I’m feeling older. Bah!

Z – Zinnia and Finch – an idea/new business venture I’ve been stewing for the past few months. Hopefully will launch next year. More info…when the time comes. :)