Thursday, March 17, 2011

Joy of Luck - Day 01

For the next 7 days, I'll be participating in Willette's Joy of Luck class.


Today's prompt is "What inanimate object/thing/concept is something that you take for granted on a daily basis?"

If I'd been given this prompt last week, my resulting photo would've probably been very different. But because of recent tragic events, I realize how lucky I am to have a home.

Though I love my house because it was once my grandmothers, there have been times that I've been "meh" about our house. It's an old house. And it's a money pit. We fix one thing and then turn around and something else needs our attention. I'm suspecting the water heater will be next. *L* My kitchen is tiny w/ few cabinets. The floors creak when we walk on them. There is hardly any closet space. Because it was built so long ago, we only have 1 or 2 electric plug-ins per room which, in this techie world we live in, is quite a pain!

There have been times that I have been slightly envious of friends who have new, ginormous houses that were custom built the way they wanted....vaulted ceilings, walk-in closets, more than one bathroom! *sigh*

But after seeing the devastation in Japan, I am SO thankful for my little, old house. It provides shelter from rain and wind. If I want a drink of water, I go to my kitchen and push a lever in the fridge door. I pull the door open and I have all the food I need. I don't have to stand in line for hours for my daily rations.

If I want to talk to any member of my family, I can go to my computer or phone (plugged in to one of my few sockets) and talk to them and know where they are and that they're ok. When I hear the floor creak at midnight, I know my 19 yr. old has made it home safely.

The earthquakes and tsunami have provided me with a reminder that everything can be gone in an instant. What I've considered inconveniences would be luxuries to those poor people in Japan right now. I don't think I'll ever feel "meh" about my house again. I am truly lucky....and blessed.

our house

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mother Nature is a tease

Last week, Mother Nature led us to believe spring was here.

70° temps, blue skies. Daffodils and forsythia blooming. Fruit trees budding. Spring!

daffodil texture

But this week:

wet, dark, dreary, dismal, wet, cold, frost!
And did I mention wet?

65/365 soggy

My daffodils have been drenched. I fear that the fruit buds have been beaten to death by the rain and the macro intentions I had with them may be gone too.

Ma, enough's enough. Let it be spring. Please?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The 5 senses...Feb 27-Mar 5

This has been a bleh week. Not excited about any of my photos.

58/365 chocolate

59/365 daffodil

60/365 pine cone

61/365 shades

Ok, I am excited about this one. I placed in the Outdoor AL photo contest!
62/365 I'm a wiener

I think they're all represented here. *L*
63/365 Butch smiles

Olfactory organ