Saturday, April 3, 2010

92/365 Go west, young frog!

The frog from yesterday's photo. Just a new view. Love how he looks as if he's pointing.
Bokeh envy?

Go west, young frog!


Lots of glass frog in the green grass w/ small purple flowers for accent. :)


I'm quiet, shy, reserved. I'm envious of those who stand out in a crowd...without being obnoxious.

tiny flowers

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. ~e.e. cummings


I'm envious of those who get great moon shots.


And I love ivy. I have an arch w/ it growing all over it covering the sidewalk at my side entrance.


Green jello

jello 88/365


Green with envy
This week was a combo of things I envy (though I'm not an envious person by nature) and just green things. Today's just a green thing.

His name is Limey.
bird 87/365

Sooo far behind....the rest of my night time photos 81-86/365

Things are absolutely crazy here. Everyone going in 3 different directions at once. I'll try to fill in on the news w/ TODAY's post (if I get caught up).
Anyhoo, the night time theme was a challenge for me. Yes, I took photos...just didn't get them blogged.

I live in a rural area & it's dark. No street lights, few cars passing by (I waited 45 min. before giving up one night trying to get the streaking tail light shot). Here's what I did get...

Mon. 81/365
A flashlight "painting" try:
The moon looks upon many night flowers; the night flowers see but one moon.

Tues. 82/365

Wed 83/365
My hummingbird feeder at (almost) sunset
Nothing gold can stay

Thurs 84/365
My house at night
night house

Fri 85/365
My trusty ol' alarm clock. Long exposure while zooming. :)
my my time flies 85/365

And Sat 86/365
Another flashlight painting
flashlight 86/365

Plus one of my kitty--she kept turning her head so that accounts for the ghostly appearance.

Next theme will be "green with envy"