Thursday, January 7, 2010

And Winter Came!

Sort of.

We've been hearing about the snowfall we were to receive today for a week. The kids came home from school yesterday saying we were to be delayed for 2 hours with a "wait and see" intention. The snow, if it came, was supposed to be in our area at about 8 a.m. (when the buses are out). So, we got up early to wait for the snow. We finally got the call at about 8 that school was indeed out for the day but the snow...well, Mother Nature was stingy with it. We had large, fluffy flakes that melted within seconds of hitting the ground. We finally began to get a little accumulation later in the day but we were hoping for enough to play in.

I've been determined to get a macro of a snowflake since hearing the word "snow" so, I went out to catch a few flakes & give it a try. Apparently, the temp wasn't right, the humidity wasn't right & all the stars were not aligned or something because instead of the nice 6-point, starry looking crystals you see in pictures, we got shards of glass. I was quite disappointed but, what do you do? Oh well. The weatherman is saying this will be a wet winter & possibly colder than normal so maybe there is more snowfall in my future. So 7/365 is a storyboard w/ a few "snow" pics from this go'round. Featured are my Nandina with it's lovely red berries, my rosemary (kinda looks like little trees, huh?) and one of my glass shard snowflakes.

Need some wintery music while waiting out the winter? And Winter Came by Enya is a good pick (hence, the title of my storyboard). It does have a couple of Christmas carols but for the most part, it's just a lovely collection of winter-themed melodies.

"And we had gathered snowflakes; Remember the soft light of starlight on snow." ~Roma Ryan, Last Time by Moonlight - And Winter Came


  1. That is totally hilarious that they actually closed school, cuz there "might" be snow?!!
    We would have no snow all winter! ha.
    They really can't be that clueless to driving or dressing kids in the winter, can they?

  2. Yeah, NOBODY knows how to drive in the stuff & they were predicting a couple of inches, which areas around us did get. But it is hilarious.


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