Saturday, January 2, 2010

It's broken, right?

My hubby, youngest son & I went shopping yesterday. I've been wanting a new bathroom scale for a while now. Our old one with the spinny dial thing was very inaccurate, adding or subtracting 10 or 15 pounds at will. I got the least expensive digital one Wal-Mart had because I'm frugal (fancy word for cheap!). I got home, popped the battery in & oh. my. heck. Surely, we'd gotten a broken one. I almost died! I knew the britches were a little tighter than they used to be but darn! Ok, I'll admit, I've been heaving my fat gut up over the waistband and letting it hang over. I thought that was just the way mid-rise jeans fit! *sigh* I've never been this heavy. In my life. Even during the ninth month of any of my 3 pregnancies. Gimme back my take-the-pounds-away spinny dial scale, please!

Even though I say it every year, I resolve to lose weight this year!! I mean it! And to make myself do it...I soooo cannot believe I'm doing 2/365 photo is of my scale. And yes, that's me on it. Hopefully, this will give me the incentive I need to keep my sticktoitiveness.

An interesting side note-- apparently, the LED lights in a scale are constantly refreshing, so quickly that the human eye can't see. The first photo I made showed I weighed 1__.2. I thought "see? it is broken" even though I could clearly see the 154.2 in real life. The second photo showed 54. The photo you see is a composite of those two photos. Like my fuzzy slippers?

I'm not overweight. I'm just nine inches too short.


  1. You are so brave! I wouldn't dare post a picture of my scale. But I'm with you on the weight loss. If it makes you feel better..I'd be happy to be 154.2!

  2. Go you! This was going to be my first pic for the Project 365 also lol. At least your broken scale still says less than my broken one lol I only trust the gym scales since they get calibrated lol


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