Saturday, January 16, 2010

16/365 Sun & sadness

Today is the last day for both of these themes. I have another frozen waterfall (I like the way the sunlight hits it) and a sad one to post.

My husband had gone to the waterfalls w/ a friend a couple of days before he carried me. They met a guy on one of the hiking trails. He was an Iraqi war veteran. He lost his arm when his vehicle triggered a road-side bomb. He told them that he and his wife had been camping near one of the bluffs a couple of weeks ago (before we hit the sub-freezing temps) and his wife had died there during the night in her sleep. He was there to visit the place she'd died.

While hiking the trail, I nearly plowed over the "cross" the veteran had placed at the site (I was continually looking up at all of the icicles). I felt quite sad for the veteran...he's lost so much. I hope he's eventually able to find peace.

cross 16/365

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