Saturday, February 6, 2010


Final day of self-portraits/macro. No self-portrait attempt today. But I did have a go at a few macros.

I've been wanting to do this forever...just never took the time.

Heart 2

A different take on it...
I love the shadow I got but it bugs the tar out of me that divorcement & adultery show up so well. I shall be investing in some old love poetry books to make this shot a little easier. *L*
Heart 3

I recently won a drawing on my friend Carol's blog. Carol is a CTMH consultant. If you're a scrapbooker or are into rubber stamping, you need to know her! She's an awesome lady & a great consultant. Thanks again Carol! I love my goodies! Wanna see what I won?

Pretty Pins - Aren't they the cutest?

Suede Pinwheels - I love these too!


I also won a pack of Bitty Sparkles. I'll attempt a photo of them when I use them on a project. :)


  1. That pic of your rings!! with the shadow a heart is AMAZING!!!! it's not photoshopped??!!

  2. Not photoshopped. That's the shadow it makes when you have the light at the correct angle. I used one of DH's clamp shop lights w/ a floodlight bulb & played w/ the angle until I got the heart.


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