Monday, February 15, 2010

46/365 Words

Snow day!! It started snowing last night. We have about an inch on the ground so not really enough to play in but enough to keep the kids out of school. Yes, today was supposed to be a regular day. Now we have 3 snow days to make up. Joy. Really it doesn't bother me. I was hoping for more snowflake photos. Unfortunately, they didn't cooperate too well. Too dry or something I guess.

Theme: Words

Kinda Valentine-y. And I know I've done it before, but, I've been wanting to try it w/ poetry instead of the Bible (though I liked the Bible results). I've been looking for a vintage poetry book (preferably love poems) but have had no luck so I took a couple of poems from Browning & Barrett-Browning, printed them & stuck them in a book. Kind of a wonky angle but...

46/365 Love Poem

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