Tuesday, February 9, 2010

40/365 My son, the egg

A couple of months ago, my middling won a reporter contest for a local TV station. He gets to cover a local festival (AL Chick & Egg Fest) this spring as well as any media events leading up to it. He's made a video that was on their website for a month, been on TV, all kinds of other cool stuff.

Well, the younger, being how younger's usually are, was feeling a bit left out. I wondered aloud if he might could be one of the mascots for the festival and ba-da-bing, the wish was granted. So now, younger gets to attend the media events as well, put on an egg costume and dance his heart out. He literally had us rolling at this last one. As you might imagine, dancing in an over-sized egg costume is not an easy feat but he did all the hip moves and was proclaimed the best Scramble (that's the egg's name) they'd ever had. So he's quite happy and proud of himself. I'm puffed up like a proud mama hen myself.

The chicken is middling's girlfriend. At this event anyway. She did a wonderful job as well but, I'm fairly certain she's not going to be jumping up & down at the chance to do it again. The costume is quite hot & the mask has a real latex odor to it. But anyway, they had a great time together and did the job they were asked to do quite well.

40/365 My son the egg

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