Monday, March 8, 2010

67/365 You had me at hello

This is my first camera. My dad first placed it in my hands when I was about 8 years old. He began trying to teach me about aperture and shutter speed but I was impatient & it was all over my head. The lessons turned into aperture on "A" (which I assume was automatic? not sure) and I'd turn the shutter ring "until the black line is in the middle". Of course, no auto focus on this thing but I love the way it did focus. You'd have "double" of something until it was in focus and it became one. I might could handle manual focus today if it acted that way instead of blurry to clear.

I carried the camera to Disney World on a band trip when I was 12. As I was getting off of Space Mountain, the camera slipped out of my hands and the flash (yep, I had the flash too!) popped away from the camera & I realized the hot shoe was broken. I was soooo afraid to show him. But, he never raised his voice and a week or so later, he gave it to me. At first, I thought it was to remind me of what I'd done but later, I realized that he knew I had a love for photography and he had gotten a better camera so he passed the other on to me. In fact, I think that he was secretly thrilled that I'd broken it because of the upgrade to the Canon AE1. *L*

You had me at hello

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