Sunday, January 9, 2011

6-9 of 365

A bit behind on blogging but I'm still chugging along w/ the 365.

A reminder, the theme is resolutions...

#6, my resolution is to get my photos off of the computer & have them printed!
These are some metal prints of our Christmas snow. LOVE how they turned out.
8x8 metal print

6/365 white sparkle

#7, enter more contests!
Got the official email on Friday that I'd placed in the Outdoor Alabama photography contest! I'm hoping to find a few to enter this year!

7/365 Second Place

#8, my last resolution is to try really hard not to let my 365 "go down the drain". I crack myself up. :)

8/365 365 down the drain

#9, a new theme! Winter. Appropos since we're expecting about a foot of snow! But until then, one of my winter traditions is feeding my little feathered friends.

9/365 Chickadee

Caught up for now! :)

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  1. Congratulations on placing in the photography contest! And I just love those snowy prints on metal - can't wait to get some metal prints of my own!


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