Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My new kids...

We knew Annabelle was expecting but weren't quite sure when she was due. I got a call from my dad that she'd had one and seemed to be trying to have another. I went over to help keep an eye on her. She did seem to be pushing and grunting but no progress. Then, she stopped. We called the vet & he advised us to "go in" and see if there was another and, if there was, get it out now!

I'm normally queasy about such but, somehow, I did what I had to do and delivered her second kid. She was up and around in no time. SUCH a great mama. "Mine" is the one on the left.


This morning, I got a call from my dad. He was worried about Annabelle. I took off to their house to check on her & could immediately tell things weren't right. Called our vet. He was in surgery but would call us back. We called 2 other vets while waiting. One in surgery, the other not in. Ours finally called us & told us to bring her in. We got her loaded and carried the babies too so she (and they) wouldn't be so upset. Got her there & the vet examined her. First bad news...she had another kid. I can't believe I didn't know. Second bad news...her uterus had torn during the previous deliveries (did I do it?) and it was really bad. He said he would do surgery but was sure it wouldn't save her. She got to spend another hour or so with her babies before she went to sleep. I'm heartbroken and have major guilties. I should've checked her after the birth of the second. I should've been gentler when delivering #2.

So, now we have 2 beautiful little bubs to bottle feed. They're at my parents for now and according to them, eating well, learning to play and are quite a frisky little pair. I so hope we can do everything correctly for them.

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  1. Nancy, I am SO sorry! You did the best you could. I would have major guilties too, but honey, don't beat yourself up. The little kids are so cute.

  2. Nancy, I am so sorry about the loss of Annabelle. Please don't feel badly - nature can be so very cruel. Her little "kids" are adorable.


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