Saturday, December 17, 2011

A look back at 2011 - January

I was going through my external, backing up some files when I found some photos that I'd overlooked before. Thought they'd make a cool "year in review" type post. :)

This was my fortune from our first visit to the Chinese place. Although I can't say this has been the best year for our family, we did have some happy times so I guess it came true.

My Christmas cactus FINALLY bloomed....I've had it for years! And, in keeping with it's stubborn nature, it put on it's beautiful display two weeks AFTER Christmas. Better late than never!

Winter 2011 brought some eventful weather! For an area that's lucky to get one snice (snow/ice combo) every year or so, it was a welcome (to some) surprise!

Meet Snow Dude!

Of course, every day wasn't snowy. We took advantage of the sun when we got it. :) Can't you almost hear the purr?

We got a honkin' noisy visit from these fellas every afternoon.

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