Friday, September 9, 2011

Fractured Friday

Yesterday evening, the youngest was playing in the yard w/ his bulldog. The weather has cooled off quite a bit & this dog goes loopy when the weather is cool. He (the dog) was running wide open, all willy nilly around the yard. He turned and headed towards K. K started running too and somehow, they collided and K landed w/ his ankle twisted.

It swelled a bit and we put ice on it. It hurt for him to put pressure on it. We assumed a sprain or pulled muscle but decided to go to bed and check it in the morning as opposed to spending the night in the ER. It was still swollen this morning so we headed to the ER. X-rays show a break. :( They put a temp cast on & we have to see the bone & joint dr. Monday morning.

When we got home, DH got a call from his niece that her sister had died. We're stunned. We've not seen her in several years but it's still a shock.

She was such a smart, beautiful girl...well, I guess woman now. She's 28. I still picture that skinny little 8 year old snaggle-tooth girl with big blue eyes & a giving spirit that never ceased to amaze me. Jes, you will be missed!

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